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Soul Brothers

A Harvard-Trained Investment Banking Executive and an Ethiopian Aid Worker Caught Up Together in a God-Sized Story

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Worlds apart, yet brothers in heart. Tripp chased the American dream. Berhanu was chased for his life.

Tripp Johnston, a successful American business executive with a Harvard MBA, seemed to have it all, yet he hungered for more. His world was focused on career accomplishments and making money. He was rich, yet poor in so many ways. He began to sense God changing his heart – but for what?

Meantime in Ethiopia, poverty, famine, political repression, and persecution framed Berhanu’s world. Although poor by most measures, Berhanu was rich in relationships with Christian friends and God. Berhanu saw God move powerfully in and through his life – through visions, prophecies, healings, and many lives transformed, including those nearest and dearest to him.

Then, in a seemingly crazy move, Tripp gave up a lucrative career and moved his family of five to Ethiopia, following God’s leading. This journey of faith radically redefined everything Tripp thought he knew about purpose, significance, and success.

Together, Tripp and Berhanu helped launch Sports Friends, a ministry of SIM that is touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of young people in Ethiopia and around the world.

This is an incredible God story told through two very grateful soul brothers.

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“You will surely be led to jubilant praise for the mighty works of God through this powerful and redemptive account of God’s wondrous providence. God’s weaving together of the stories of two unlikely families for one beautiful mission for Christ is so refreshing.”

- Brian Salter, Lead Pastor, Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee

"Friendship in a world of tensions. Miracles in a world of bad news. Hope in a world of heartache. How refreshing to read this story of a remarkable international friendship between an unlikely pair … both of whom were called by God to leave everything to follow him!”

- Carmen Joy Imes, Old Testament Professor at Biola University, and author of Bearing God's Image

“What awesome learning, faith development, and pioneering sports leadership experiences. The joy in life is ultimately living by faith as have Berhanu and Tripp. I encourage everyone involved in sports ministry to read this powerful story."

- Eddie Waxer, pioneer of the global sports ministry movement

" I am a living witness of what God has done through Sports Friends in Ethiopia. Churches discovered a new mission stage to be salt and light. Young people found purpose for their lives. Communities were transformed. Read this powerful book and be inspired."

- Seleshi Kebede, PhD, Pastor, former General Secretary of Ethiopia Genet Church, former Deputy General Secretary of the Evangelical Churches Fellowship of Ethiopia

“Tripp and Berhanu superbly demonstrate how the future of Christian global missions must embrace diverse people working together in humility! This book is for every professional who ever considered full time ministry as a second career.”

- Randy Fairman, PhD, President, SIM USA:, businessman, retired naval officer